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Ultra Harness


The Ultra Harness is the harness for everyday active dogs. It is comfortable for your dog and easy to fit. The harness is built to last with strong and lightweight materials, notably an innovative breathable fabric that ventilates extremely well. The harness has easily adjustable straps around the neck and chest for a universal fit.  The ultra harness features three attachment points for your leash: one on the dog’s back for everyday walks or casual running, one at the dogs chest for gentle anti pull control and one under the dog’s rib cage for tracking and scent training with a long line.

SizeChest CircumferenceNeck Circumference
XS40-46 cm / 15-18 in27-38 cm / 10.7-15 in
S44-62 cm / 17-24 in36-45 cm / 14-17.7 in
M60-82 cm /23-32 in43-56 cm / 16.9-22 in
L75-90 cm / 29-35 in53-75 cm / 20.8-29 in
XL80-104 cm / 31-41 in68-88 cm / 26.7-34.6 in

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