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Protector Snow

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Protector snow is a full-back cover made from thin and elastic fabric. The suit protects  dogs during activity involving snow, ice, cold and wind. The suit is form-fitting and should sit tight, the elastic fabric gives the dog great freedom of movement and is ideal for use in the mountains or arctic tracks. It should not be used in forest and scrub, then the fabric will crack. Be aware that the suit should sit tight and that the legs are not too long. Protector Snow comes in two varieties, female and male. The orange color and reflective stripes make the suit incredibly visible.

MaleBack Length
XXS44 cm
XS46 cm
S48 cm
M51 cm
54 cm
XL57 cm

FemaleBack Length
XXS42 cm
XS 44 cm
S46 cm
M48 cm
L50 cm


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