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Omega 3 Oil



Daily supplement of Omega-3 oil from Non-Stop Dogwear is a healthy supplement and an important part of your dog's nutrition. A supplement for all dogs of all sizes, ages, and different types and level of activity.

Non-Stop Dogwear Omega-3 oil gives smoother and softer coat, softer paws and stronger claws. It strengthens the dog's joints and immune system. It works anti-inflammatory and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Non-Stop Omega-3 Oil is a short-listed product that is manufactured in Norway according to high Norwegian quality standards. Non-Stop Omega-3 is pharmaceutically tapped on dark unbreakable plastic bottles. Dark bottles that are protected from sunlight and with a dense cork that protects against odor and rancidity.

Non-Stop Omega-3 Oil is a 18/12 oil. An Omega-3 oil containing 18% EPA and 12% DHA. These are two important fatty acids that the dog needs plenty of.

It also contains a balanced amount of Omega-6. The recipe is as important as the quality of the raw materials.

The Non-Stop Omega-3 oil is a wonderful good supplement to your dog, as recommended by many veterinarians.

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