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Freemotion Harness

Description (Watch the VIDEO on the right)
Ideal for those who want to use their dog for various pulling activities. It is developed by dog drivers that compete at an international level, thus is extremely well field tested. Many of the world’s best dog drivers have used this harness and won several World Championship medals.
Utilizes the dog’s anatomy to increase performance by:
Keeping the airways free
Correct pulling points
Adjustable to each dog. (If unsure about sizes do not hesitate to contact us)
Replacement straps are £4.50 each.


SizeMax Neck OpeningNeck CircumferenceBreed Examples
232cm26-31cmJack Russell Terrier
335cm28-33cmParson Russel Terrier
440cm33-36cmEnglish Cocker Spaniel
544cm36-40cmBorder Collie
648cm40-44cmHungarian Vizsla
752cm44-48cmGerman Shorthaired Pointer
856cm48-52cmGerman Shepherd

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