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Bikejor Starter Kit 1 dog



Non-stop dogwear Bikejor starter kit 1 Dog

Kit Includes -Non-stop dogwear Antenna & 2.8m Running Line 

Non-stop dogwear Bike Antenna

The Bike Antenna is designed to stop the line from getting caught in the front wheel when dropped. It can be used for both bikes and scooters with usual handlebars.

When fitting the Bike Antenna the minimum distance to be used under the handle bars should be 10 mm- see Bike Antenna page for fitting instructions.

Non-stop dogwear 2.8m Running Line

The Running Lines are approximately 2.8metres long, and contain additional elastic material, improving comfort for both you and your dog. They are manufactured in accordance with guidelines for professional racing.

This line can be used for skijoring, bikejoring, canicross and scooter. It can also double as a leash for those who prefer elastic in their leash.
Due to its special webbing, the running line provides a very smooth and fluent pulling. High quality materials and certified production within EU ensure a long lifespan. Elastic line is gentle on both yours and your dog’s back.

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